Anonymous asked: when r you gonna draw another pimpicat, it's been like 6 months x

I am working on it! currently away from my pens, but sooon my darling you shal be blessed with some pussy. 

Anonymous asked: hey the cats you do are amazing and cute. who gives a fuck if you dont post every day, its not like you have a limited number of blogs that you may follow, so you should get rid of the ones that arent putting out constant content. who gives a fuck about followers either! just keep drawin dem kitties. at your own pace.

Oh…jesus…I feel so… appreciated and just wonderful, thank you whoever you are. And I sincerely wish you the best day of your life  

it’s been a while. A long while. I am moving home, and I have to say goodbye to my favourite neighbourhood cat, Kitty. Kitty is big and graceful, with a lot of pride and soft black fur. 

Hang on a little for a tribute to Kitty. 

It makes me sad when I lose followers because I cant post a drawing everyday. 

youdrewmecartoons asked: I wish I could draw kitties just like you do :)

when you’re around them long enough it all just appears out of nowhere, you should try

sorshamaryjayne-deactivated2013 asked: amazing! lovely! adorable!